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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pink Svetlana

A dear friend recently got me hooked on Ketel One and soda. Previously, vodka tonics had been my drink of choice, but the Ketel One and soda is much smoother. If mixed properly, it's just like drinking water, aside from the pleasant aftereffects. The best part about Ketel One and soda is that it's the lightest drink you can have, with only 70 calories per glass. Cheers to that.

My cousin christened it the Svetlana, after the skinny Russian model. Even though Ketel One is Danish, the name is fitting, don't you think?

For Valentine's Day I had some friends over for cakes and a variation on the traditional Svetlana. In honor of the holiday I added a few drops of rosewater, a maraschino cherry, and a swirl of maraschino juice to each glass. The result was a pretty pink Svetlana with a delicate cherry-rose flavor and perhaps 10 additional calories.

2 oz Ketel One
1 oz rosewater
Soda water
1 Maraschino cherry and its juice

Mix vodka and rosewater into an appropriate glass. Fill with soda water, stir, and add a cherry to the bottom of the glass. Finish by swirling in a few drops of the cherry juice.


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