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Monday, January 16, 2006

About me

Hello, and welcome to my morsel of the web. This food blog is the consummation of something I've been planning in my head for years, but hadn't executed until January of 2006. Why the wait? I had the desire, the time, and, of course the food, but I was missing one crucial element-- pictures! While I could pen eloquent verses on the voluptuous beauty of a simple poached pear, a stunning photograph is what really draws the reader in. So, having received a digital camera as a Christmas present in 2005, the missing piece was in place and I was ready to begin!

As for the girl behind the words and pictures, my name is Caroline and I'm an electrical engineer who wants to become a patent lawyer someday. Currently I'm living and working right outside of Washington, DC.

The link for the RSS feed is Please offer your comments and criticisms of the site, as your feedback is instrumental in helping me improve it. I hope you enjoy your time here!


Anonymous Kate Myers said...

Mmmmm, I'm so glad you started your food blog!! I can't wait to try these recipes, esp. the eggplant one :-)

11:11 PM  

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